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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gracias, Ramos!

 Last night's win was a well deserved win!  It was great seeing Scott Baker pitch well and the players remembering how to hit the ball and score runs (even with RISP!)  There's been a lot of mean comments made lately about Scott Baker, which I know he hasn't had the best outings so far, and he is our ace, but how do we know that he isn't seeing these dirty remarks about how he shouldn't be our ace, etc and that is what's been causing him to be a slight head-case when he's pitching.  He's been having a tendency to over think his pitches, which results in the ball being left up over the plate.  Maybe after this performance some people will cut him some slack.  I understand that people have bad days and they really are a hit to confidence and self-esteem.  I want Timmy to do better!  I want him to prove that he is the ace of our staff and that he can indeed get the job done.

I did find it highly amusing (and kinda sad) that when J'Michael Cuddyer hit his 3-run home run that after anxiously awaiting the balls landing, the first thing that came out of my mouth was "SKITTLES!" (for those who don't know the background story behind Skittles...Katie last year started promising Cuddy Skittles for every home run. At the last baseball unplugged, she actually GAVE Cuddy Skittles.  This year, I've helped her modify it slightly.  Cuddy gets Skittles (+1 for solo hr, +2 for 2-run, etc) for his home runs, but he loses 3 Skittles for every strike out.)  I think this either means I'm hoping Cuddy gets out of the negative for Skittles, or that I hang out with Katie too much.  I can't decide!  I find this stat funny: Michael Cuddyer has hit all of his home runs at home, and Justin Morneau has hit all of his on the road so far this season!  We need Justin to start hitting some at home!  See how far he can send the ball flying!

What a night again for Wilson Ramos.  He's gonna win the fans over quickly at this rate.  It's really good to see him have another good night at the plate.  Now, I'm sorry, but I do understand why he was sent down to Triple-A Rochester at the end of Spring Training.  This kid should be hitting and playing every day.  He's too good to have sit on a bench and only play once a week (maybe).  I think what we all should do (along with the Twins) is enjoy Ramos while he is here.  Once Joe returns to the line-up, I'm guessing that he'll return to Rochester.  I think Ramos is going to make his case to become some very good trade bait for the Twins in the future.

Well today, I want to send out a Happy Birthday to Kevin Slowey!  Hopefully his team can pull out a win for him, and the clouds and rain can stay away for the game tonight.  Here's hoping for no thunderstorms during game time (for partially selfish reasons too, since I'll be at the game tonight).


Heidi said...

if I had time today, I would so make k-slow a birthday blingee. blingees are the best way to celebrate a birthday, but alas, I'm swamped at work.

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