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Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Like A Banana...Split

 Although the Twins didn't win this 4-game series against the Orioles, they sure played a couple great games Saturday night and Sunday.  The bats for the Twins just seem to be quieted on Thursday night, none able to score any runs against the worst team in MLB.  Carl Pavano didn't pitch poorly at all either in Thursday's outing.  He only allowed a total of 2 runs (both earned) in his 8 innings of work.  Why can't the Twins muster up 2 measly runs or more to give poor Carl Pavano a little support. This season, so far, Carl has only allowed more than 2 runs in one of his six appearances.  I think this speaks very promising of the kind of pitcher Carl will be for us for this season.

On the note of having a bad day, boy did Justin Morneau seem to have a bad day at the plate on Sunday.  When that man has a bad day, he goes all out!  He struck out 4 of 4 times during the game.  Only 1 other game this season has he struck out every time up to the plate (this one was his season high so far, the other was only 3 at bats, and the other game he struck out 3 times, he also paired that with 2 walks).  I do find this season a bit humorous for Justin, he uses "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" for his at-bat music.  The last time that Justin has this song for what he entered to, was the year he was MVP.  Do you think he's trying to regain that title again this year and take it away from his buddy Joe Mauer, who's got it the last two seasons?

Yesterday as well seemed to have a feel like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  Alexi Casilla was one of the best hitters of the game.  He went 2 for 4, with a double and an RBI.  This is not a regular thing for Alexi.  He hasn't had more than one hit in any of the few games he's played so far this season, yet Gardy still prefers to play him over Brendan Harris (while JJ Hardy is out).

Brendan Harris was also another great asset for the Twins yesterday, he went 3 for 4 with a double, he wasn't able to get any RBI's, because it didn't seem like the guys who were in the line up before him could get on base to give him the opportunity.  I'd honestly like to see more of Brendan Harris at 3rd (or short stop when JJ is unable to play).  I think Brendan has a great throwing arm, and he's willing to dive for the ball and make some great plays in the field.  I think Gardy has a tendency to put Brendan on the shelf and not use him, for what reason, I'm not entirely sure.

This season, there seems to be a lot of smack talk about Timmy (Scott Baker).  Sure, I know, his first few outings could have gone better.  But after seeing him pitch, in my opinion, his best outing of the season on Saturday night, I think he's shown us the kind of potential that he is capable of.  He only allowed 1 earned run in 8 innings pitched, which is the second time this season that he's only allowed one run.  That run was a home run given up to Luke Scott in the 5th inning (a solo shot).

Next (provided the rain stays away long enough to not interrupt or post-pone the games), the Twins face off against division rivals, the Chicago White Sux.  It'll be the first series (though a only two game series) that I will miss seeing any of the games.  So far, I have been to 8 games, and all 8 of the games I have been to, the Twins have won.  I like being on this winning streaks and I think my "luck" will truly be tested at the Yankees game I go to at the end of this month.  Let's hope my luck continues and I do prove to be a good luck charm for the Twins.  It'd be nice...maybe I could get some free tickets as a result.  I definitely wouldn't mind, nor pass those up.

Now enjoy some more pictures during this gloomy off day the Twins have today. (pictures are from Saturday night and Sunday's games)
(nope, Justin wasn't looking for a ball, just day dreaming)


JJ Hardon said...

I don't think Gardy has ever liked Brendan Harris. I always remember him using him as a scapegoat in past seasons if the team performed poorly. I think it might be because Harris is intelligent, literate, and uses big words Gardy doesn't understand.

Betsy said...

That is a very good possibility as to why he doesn't get played often! You would think Gardy would want to monopolize the good players and not use the poor ones. I'm waiting for the day they DFA Alexi Casilla.

Heidi said...

so I was at a bar in chicago to see luke bryan this weekend and gordon beckham from the sox was there. the next day he struck out 3 times. I laughed because I'm pretty sure it was because he had too much fun the night before, or at least thats what I say it is.
and I don't know if you're a Glee fan but that picture of Joe running makes me want to sing run joey run from last week's episode.