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Monday, May 17, 2010

Orlando Hudson on Rome Is Burning

I don't really want to write about the Yankees series (partially cause I didn't watch all of the games). Glad they won however yesterday! That's a good feeling.
I just want to share this video instead today!  It's quite funny.

Or if that doesn't work go here: ESPN Rome Correspondent: Orlando Hudson


margo said...

Very funny!
And my new nickname for Slowey:
"Kevin how-do-you-figure Slowey"

Jammer said...

so funny! Kevin Slowey is officially my favorite.

Heidi said...

That made my day about a bazillion and a half times better!

Betsy said...

Margo- LOVE new nickname! that made me laugh really hard!

Jammer- He's a good favorite to have!

Heidi- I had to share that...not that many can understand "O-Dawg" and his insanely fast talking, but it's a funny funny video! Who knew Carl could look so nice and Italian.

shorterthanyou said...

I love how you can't see Cuddy's face and Orlando slaps him in the butt.

Betsy said...

Cuddy seemed a bit embarassed by the butt slap! lol...i'm sure it was a tad awkward for him! brings joy and laughter to me though.