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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Power of J's

It was a beautiful night for baseball tonight! I'm not gonna lie, being that my record was 9-0 going into tonight's game and the Twins were facing the Yankees at another game I was attending, I was a bit worried that my record might get a flaw in it.  Thankfully after the first few innings, the Twins put my mind at ease and coasted pretty well against the Yankees.  This is how the Twins should have been playing in all 3 of the games they faced the Yankees.  The Yankees this year have not been the big power house force that they've been in years' past.  Mark Teixeira has been a sub-par hitting, currently hitting only .216.  I thought for sure Nick Blackburn would raise that average for him with the number Teixeira has put up against him, but thankfully he didn't go much against him tonight, only broke even.

It was my first time having someone's season tickets and USING them to go into the Metropolitan Club.  Quite honestly, it was a beautiful place and the view was great, but it wasn't any more exciting than the Club at the Metrodome for season ticket holders.  I guess I just expected more...
The sign behind the bar.
 View from the Metropolitan Club
Rockets red glare

I was slightly miffed about my fantasy baseball team.  I had opted a couple nights ago to bench Jason Kubel (since he's been less than stellar this season) and opted to play other guys instead.  I should have played Kubel.  He went 3 for 4 with 5 RBI's.  That would have really helped my team out (though I am already winning this week).

While in our section tonight, we witnessed a big douche bag employee that was supposed to be selling soda, instead he was travelling from section to section standing in between the last break in the railing before the top, which coincidentally was RIGHT in my way.  I said something, because I did want to see the game, and then he game me the dirtiest look, said nothing and walked away.  I wish I would've seen his badge and found out his name.  I watched him go from section to section doing the same exact thing EVERY section.  He'd give whoever it was in each section the same dirty look he gave me.  Hello, dude, you're there to do a job.  If you don't want your job, I'll take it.  I need one.

I was thrilled when the power of the J's was very strong.  Joe Mauer was at second, Justin Morneau was at first, and Jason Kubel was up to bat, with JJ Hardy waiting in the wings.  The power helped Jason Kubel knock in a 3 run home run.
The power of the J's on base
When I peeked into right field I noticed something funny, which my friend has pointed out to me at another game, but this time I got to see it for myself.  Cuddy must stand and pace in the same spot EVERY game...he's worn down and changed the color of the grass in one tiny section of the right field.  It almost looks like a dog peed on the grass and it's turning a different color.
See the spot?  He standing in it! 

All in all it was a fabulous game and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful and perfect.  The one thing I could have done without would've been all the bugs.  Where was Kirby the Kestrel when we needed him tonight?  He could have had a large feeding on all the bugs we saw!
Tomorrow I get to test my luck all over again.  I'm not starting to have friends call me Good Luck Charm.  I hope that's the case and I hope my luck never runs out!


Dan Cook said...

Any chance you're going on Saturday?

My mom's in town from Phoenix, and I'm taking her to Target Field for the first time.

It'd be great to get her a win!

Nice post!

CapitalBabs said...

It's not just Cuddy - JC and I noticed it on Wednesday since we were sitting right above it. Swisher stood right on the square too. Guess all RF's like to be in about the same spot and they wore out the new grass already!

Anonymous said...

I was out the other night with a group who included a member of the groundskeeping team and he said they had to replace that square because Cuddy and the others in RF don't move much. It was good to know I wasn't crazy for noticing it! ~ D

Betsy said...

That's hilarious that they had to replace that square! Yeah a friend of mine noticed it a while back and I thought her picture looked a little more like brown grass.

CapitalBabs- Cuddy spends the most time there. :)

Dan - no, I'm going tonight not Saturday. I'd love to go then though since it's CJ Wilson pitching for the Rangers. I <3 him. :)

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