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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Target Field Preparations

Now I know today is "Delmon Young Day", but I really don't know what to write about Delmon Young, because I'm more just indifferent towards him.  I also don't really want to talk about the game last night, because quite honestly the commentary and comments made about Kevin Slowey and how bad he was (cause don't you know that a pitcher is the only one playing in the defensive side of the game?), so I turned off the game to watch repeats of The Office, because it made me less crabby than the game was making me.  So today, I've decided that for those who haven't been to Target Field, that I would put together sort of a "what to expect/bring with" guide for Target Field to help better prepare others (given that I have been to 8 games so far there).

What will you need to bring with you to Target Field?
Well quite honestly, it depends on what mother nature decides to do on that given day, but I would suggest regardless if it is raining, to bring with: 
1. A poncho (the come in packs of 2 and are small to carry with you.  They fit easily in a bag that for the men out there, could be a backpack).
2. A sweatshirt (or other long sleeved item.)  If you haven't ever sat in the seats you will be sitting you, you may not know if you are underneath the overhang or not.  If you are under the overhang on a sunny (50-60 degree day), you will be cold and want sleeves.  A lady who sat next to Katie on Sunday learned this quickly (she complained the entire game).
3. A blanket.  The night games tend to cool off a lot more than the day games, and considering we are in Minnesota, it can get quite cool at night.  It makes it easier to be more comfortable while sitting in the hard plastic seats for the entirety of the game.  Plus, if the chair gets too uncomfortable, you can always use your blanket as a cushion to sit on.
4. An umbrella.  Sure this goes along with the poncho, but my theory is to always be safe, rather than sorry and miserable.
5. Mittens.  I'm a freeze baby, and those games that I've sat in the shade, or it's dipped down low enough to be a tad bit cold, mittens (just the cheap 1.49 light-weight mittens) were my best friend and kept my hands oh so warm.
6. Good shoes to walk/stand in.  You will do some walking from parking spots/light rail to the new stadium, and also once you get inside.  There are so many things to see once inside Target Field, that you want to be comfortable.

Where do I park/what's the best way to get to Target Field?
I prefer to drive downtown myself, because I don't want to have to wait for a long period of time after the game to get back on the lightrail (I've been told that the line moves quickly, but when the game doesn't get over with until around 10pm for night games, I want to get home as quickly as I can).  I wouldn't suggest parking in any lot that is more than $7.  There are PLENTY of lots around the field that range from $3-$7 for parking, all within a couple blocks of Target Field.  Don't waste your money at the places that try to rip you off and make you pay $10-$20.  It's nuts.  Day games during the week, however, are a different story.  Most ramps and surface lots are used for people who work downtown, and a lot of them also fill up before 10am, so it will make it more difficult to find a cheap, affordable parking spot.  Expect to pay more on these games (however, don't settle on the first lot you find, there may be a cheaper option only a block or two further away.).

What are the best things to see at the new field?
My favorite place at the new stadium, inside the gates, is quite possibly Hrbek's.  It's so incredible (there are tiles on the ceiling that you really have to see in order to know how neat they really are.).  Kent Hrbeck has all of the jersey he has worn in his baseball career (high school included) displayed on the wall, along with some really neat artwork.

Be sure to notice the wind wall (alongside the ABC Parking Ramp B).  It's the largest piece of artwork in the Twin Cities.  It's a wall of small stainless steel plates that moves with the wind.  It almost looks like smoke when it gets moving.
I think the statues outside of the field are neat to see too.  Two of them (Kirby Puckett and Harmon Killebrew) are right by each other (near the ABC Parking Ramp B (the one you see behind the right-center field), but it takes a little searching to find Rod Crew (he's near the ABC Parking Ramp A, near 7th street), he's off a little ways, but worth the walk to see.  The Golden Glove is also really neat (and huge), and worth the wait in line to get your picture sitting/standing in the glove.  The line moves fairly fast, and as long as you have some time to kill, you might as well do it.

What's the best food to try at the new field?
Quite honestly, I've only had the french fries, and some ice cream at the new stadium.  I'm too frugal to spend $9.50 on a burger and fries.  The prices of the food have increased this year, so bring more money with you if you plan to eat there.  I've noticed that for plain nachos (like they had at the Dome last year) have stayed relatively the same price, as I've been told, have hotdogs.  I don't really care for hotdogs, much less Schweigert's hotdogs.  Those just gross me out even more, so I tend to steer clear from hotdogs all together.
Is there a spot the players come out after the games to sign autographs like at the Dome?
Sadly, the parking for the Twins players is now under the new stadium.  It's a player/personnel only lot, so you're chances of getting there are slim.  Plus I doubt any of the players will be signing post games this season.

If anyone has other questions that they would like to know answers to, feel free to post a comment and ask.  I'll respond to them quickly.  If I don't know the answer for you, I'll try to find out the answer.


Heidi said...

I had an terrible horrible no good very bad day yesterday, and I was so happy because I could go home and eat ice cream and watch the Twins game, and it, too, was terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad. So I watched Glee instead.
Thanks for the Target field tips!

Betsy said...

I blame my coworker who went to the game for Slowey losing. I told her, that she better make them win, or I would be peeved. She failed, and I'm sure left early (she's a fair-weather fan).
Hopefully today is redeeming so Ozzie doesn't think he has the upper hand at Target Field!