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Monday, May 24, 2010

That's Twins Baseball and Unplugged

I don't have much to write about.  It hasn't been a good day and I'll just say that I'm glad the Twins aren't playing, because I would feel responsible for their loss.  I did attend the Twins game on Saturday and also went to Baseball Unplugged with Jason Kubel, Denard Span and as always Michael Cuddyer on Sunday night, both of which were fun.

Some of my favorite things from Unplugged were these:
Someone asked Cuddy if Joe Mauer had a girlfriend...his response: "I don't think he's exclusive if he does have one."
Our tablemates and new friends Linda and Michelle asked the guys how they liked inter-league play and Kubel's response "Well, we like to make a joke that the national league is like the JV squad."

I have decided that my new favorite player is Michael Cuddyer.  My boyfriend raised his hand to ask a question, which the host of the event asks people what their favorite part about Target Field is.  Brian (with advice from me) said that his favorite part was that the Twins haven't lost any of the games he's been to, and how I'm 9-0 with games I've been to this season.  Cuddy's response was, "and we're just going to give these guys a tshirt for asking a question?  We need to give them tickets!  Give them some tickets!"  I'm a big fan of Cuddy now, and thank you, Cuddy!

The last funny thing that happened was that while I was going through the autograph line I told Denard Span how I really am 9-0 and he goes "were you at today's game?"  Cuddy looked over at Denard and goes "she just said she's 9 and 0, do you think she was at today's game?"  It made me laugh.

Now enjoy some more pictures from this weekend!

Now onto Unplugged pictures:
This is what Brian won in the raffle for prizes from playing the bean bag toss.

And I'll throw this out there because this is my blog and I can. If anyone knows of places that are hiring (for Admin/Receptionist jobs) in Minneapolis area, please let me know! I'm looking!


Katie said...

Denard means well lol we still love him. And Cuddy gets +2 on the skittle count, 1 for the free tickets and 1 for the North Carolina love :)

Dan Cook said...

Great pictures.

But if I was Jason Kubel, I wouldn't be calling anybody else "JV" while I'm hitting .214.

I'm just sayin...

Betsy said...

Katie - Cuddy rocks. I may even bring him Skittles just for being nice (at the next one)

Dan - I agree about Kubel! but it was still a funny comment. He did say how Vavre has been talking to him after a lot of the games (which he got poked fun at by the other two as well).

Katie said...

We'll take some on Friday, perhaps as a little encouragement ;-)

Michelle said...

Hey, it's your tablemate! Thanks for the nice conversations during a long wait for the guys. Hope to see you at another one.

Also, nice pictures. I see my construction helmet!

Umm, I'm not sure if this worked the last time...cause it's not showing up. You might get this twice, sorry!

Betsy said...

Brian and I were just talking about how we how to see you guys at the next one of these things! We had a lot of fun sitting with you two!
Hopefully the next place does reservations and we could put it in for 4 people!

Jenna said...

What is Baseball Unplugged, exactly? I've seen you write about it a couple of times, but I don't quite understand what it is.

Betsy said...

Jenna- baseball unplugged is a q&a session with a couple Twins players. Michael Cuddyer is almost always the host the event and he interviews a couple of his teammates about different things and then they open it up to the audience for questions as well.
After the questions, they do an autograph line for the first 100-150 people who got autograph tickets.

They are pretty fun and it's neat to learn things about the players that you might not know.