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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad Calls In Baseball

Yesterday seemed to be a high day of bad calls by umpires.  Armando Gallarraga was one out away from having the perfect game when Jim Joyce missed the call at first base that should have been an out.  The Twins lost their game last night against Seattle due to a bad call (which should have been an out at second) that was missed by the umpire.  I don't think MLB should review an possibly retract this "safe" call in order to give Gallarraga his prefect game.  Why? You ask?  Well, I think that would go against a lot of what baseball means.  It ultimately wouldn't be fair.  They aren't going to reverse the non-out call for the Twins last night and say that the game is just "suspended", are they?  To play fair, they would have to do that.

I know that there has been a lot of talk about having more instant replay in baseball.  I don't know if I am for this or not.  Sure it would be great to have instant replay (or at least more of it on the "questionable" calls), but it would add length to the game of baseball.  Hockey is another sport that has a lot of calls missed or poorly called.  I know they only review goals currently in hockey and currently the MLB only reviews balls that are possible home runs.  As much as I would love to have more calls go our way, I know that the Twins have been on the other side of bad calls before and have benefited from them.  Football may be the sport that does "instant replay" right.  The manager gets their red flag (challenge flag) and can challenge a ruling on the field.  I think this would be a better option.  If a manager is wrong, they are out of challenges (and ultimately, they only have 2 they can use all game).

Last night, I think the Twins played a decent ball game.  Kevin Slowey kept his team in the game and kept the number of runs given up to only one.  I was a bit torn (as a fantasy baseball owner) on who to start last night.  I currently own BOTH Slowey and Cliff Lee.  I opted to start both of them thinking that it would be a very good match-up.  I luckily fared pretty well, having both the starters only give up 1 run each (Slowey pitching 7 innings and Lee pitching 8).

The Twins at least still have one more game in Seattle against the Mariners in order to split the series with them and avoid a series loss before the head off to Oakland.

My condolences go out to Michael Cuddyer (who we will miss while he's away for 4 ) as him and his family grieve the loss of his father-in-law.  Cuddy will likely miss tonight along with the whole Oakland series.  Congratulations to Danny Valencia on his big league call up.  I hope that when the time comes to send someone back to triple-A that the Twins will consider keeping Valencia here and sending Tolbert back to Triple-A.  I'm not a huge fan of Tolbert.  He's like having a back up Alexi Casilla or a back up Brendan Harris as our other option.  It's just not good enough if we want to continue to be a contending team.  I think the Twins are missing a small element (I don't know what exactly this is...maybe another strong bench option) that I think could potentially hurt them down the road around the time of post-season.  Hopefully I'm wrong.


Jammer said...

I definitely agree that a red challenge flag is the best option or maybe whatever they use for tennis.

I never knew it was possible to feel saddness for a Detroit Tiger lol.


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