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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crisco is on FIRE!

Friday night's game was fun!  I was a bit nervous going into that game with my perfect record when the Braves were up 1-0 for almost a complete 7 innings of the game.  Thankfully, Joe Mauer came through with a big hit in the 7th to rally the Twins to win the game 2-1.

My cousin and I got to enjoy the game for free, thanks for ESPN 1500.  We somewhat stalked the van that was giving out tickets on Thursday (the tweeted where they were giving tickets out at) and before the lady could even roll down her window, my cousin was shouting "Sweep the Royals" out the window.  We both were extremely excited to win the tickets, plus what better way to enjoy the Twins and Target Field for (my cousin's) first time?!

Frankkkie was on fire on Friday night striking out 11 batters.  It was somewhat amusing, the guy sitting next to me asked to take a picture of my score book where the K's were all in line.  I of course said sure!

It was fun being the tour guide for Topper and Amy at Target Field.  They both seemed to enjoy it a lot and both had a great time!
It was unfortunate watching the game yesterday and seeing the squeeze play pulled against the Twins.  This is normally Twins baseball, but I guess last night it was Atlanta's way of winning a very close ball game, 3-2.  It was unfortunate that the Twins couldn't capitalize once again on bases loaded (with 2 outs).  Apparently, Atlanta got the memo on the Twins' kryptonite: Load the bases, the Twins will do the rest.

And I've changed my mind about Target Field.  It goes like this now: Target Field: Where Joe Mauer's balls go to die.  Joe still hasn't managed (besides the one exhibition game against the Cardinals) to go deep at Target Field.  Let's hope that changes and SOON!

And coming soon: a picture of all 13 of my tickets.  I'm going to put the pictures all together into one picture and then I'll post it.  Yes, I misspoke the other day...Friday was my 13th game, and am 13-0 now. (I counted from my scorecard which had a game that went beyond 9 innings.)

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