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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Were We On A Break?!

A four game losing streak was hard to take.  Being swept by the Brewers was even harder.  The Twins are a team that can beat the Brewers as well as crush the Brewers!  So why couldn't the do just that in Milwaukee?  Well it didn't entirely seem like their bats were up to par, nor did our pitching stand up and give the Brewers anything to fear.

Friday night against the Mets, out pitching seemed to be back in the swing of things, until Kevin Slowey had a few hiccups in the middle innings.  Our offense couldn't seem to piece together enough hits to come back and win it.  It seemed like every time they got a couple hits, the rest of the lineup would fail and leave the few on base.  This isn't how teams are going to win.  I'm not sure entirely what the answer is to get the Twins out of these funks, but there is something missing, something needed to win (tougher games) and the Twins need to find it.  They need to find it soon.

With the All-Star break coming in just a few weeks, Detroit and Chicago are closing the gap in the AL Central race.  In order to stay on top, the Twins need to at least match, and hopefully exceed what Detroit and Chicago are doing. (Chicago is on an 11-game winning streak)  It also means that the games coming up against those teams (Detroit, Mon - Wed at Target Field, and July 9-10 in Detroit; Chicago July 15-17th at Target Field) mean do or die for the top spot in the AL Central.

Today Timmy goes for his 50th win and the series win against the Mets.


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