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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Majors at Major's and Then Some

It's been really good to see the Twins in the win column again these past couple games.  If Detroit would have been in first place any longer than they were, I may have bore my eyes out with a spoon.  I know, they can't win them all, but when co-workers of mine are blaming me for them losing (I was told they hadn't won a game since I started my new job...which they actually HAVE).  I don't like being blamed.  I'm not at fault here and I know it.
Well last night was one of the best nights ever!  Karlee and I (and Erin and Krystal) all went to Hang with majors at Major's last night at Major's in Bloomington.  It was a dinner the Twins hosted to benefit military families.  Well, after the dinner, the Twins players wandered around the bar and just hung out.  Some were bartending, signing autographs, taking pictures, working beer tubs, or being super tall.  It was fun being able to see the fun personalities of all the players hard at work!

I'm a huge fan of Drew Butera and Nick Punto after chatting with and b-sing with the two of them a lot last night!  Karlee almost wet herself when Punto made his first trip by us.  She turned around toward me to sort of "hide" from him.  With her eyes closed, I spun her back around and she said something about Nick (well he was still within ear shot), he turned around waving "Hey, ladies!"  I think she about died.  It was funny.

I also had to give Nick Punto grief about his height (not that I'm that tall either).  Four younger guys were trying to get their picture with him and he was standing on his tip-toes trying to still rise above them.  I muttered "tip toes" loud enough for him to hear and he busted out laughing and goes "you totally called me out!  I was on my tip toes!"

Kevin Slowey tried to be Punto for Karlee (before we chatted with Punto) and said "I'm not Nick Punto, but I know him!"  It was super cute!  I about died later in the evening when I was chatting with Shawn from JoeNathan.com and he said to Kevin, "Kevin, have you met my good friend Betsy?" and Kevin responded "Yes, I even knew her name!"  It was incredible!  I don't know however if its a good or a bad thing that he knows my name.  Might mean that I meet him too often.
Here are some more highlights!! There were a lot of them, so I tried to keep it somewhat condensed!  Enjoy!

*Denard Span (after I told him how my record was now 14-0) “You need to go on the road with me.  I suck on the road.”

*Cuddy (after I told him how my record was now 14-0, he knew about it when it was 9-0) “Really?! You need season tickets!” I wanted to say to him, "Make it happen!" 
Note in my picture, Cuddy looks like he's had a little booze...his shirt also has a picture of a cow and the different "part"...and says "You want a piece of me?"  I loved it!

*to Scott Baker – “I hope you don’t mind, but I call you Timmy.”  Baker – “That’s fine! A lot of people do.”

* Natalie Punto – “Sometimes Nick and I put the eye black on each other at home.  Don’t ask why, cause I don’t even know!” (Umm, Natalie...too much information!)

* I almost ran into Jim Thome (literally!) on my way to the ladies room.

* Even in 4” heels, Jon Rauch is huge.  I may not dislike him quite as much anymore…he was pleasant last night and nice enough to take pictures.  I’m still not a huge fan, however.

* Drew Butera bought Karlee and I a beer.  Kept telling me that my ID was fake (though he almost didn’t card me when we got our first beers).
* Nick Punto put eye black (well really burned the end of a wine cork, turning it black and then smearing it under her eyes) on Karlee and having the reapply it later (his wife said it wasn’t on well enough!)

* Punto smells really good and kept telling the ladies how they all look so much hotter than him with the eye black on.
* Denard Span (after I told him I have him on my fantasy baseball team and that my team is names “Let’s Get Denarded”) “Really?  That’s sweet!”
* Drew Butera can mix drinks well!  Punto’s wife thinks he looks like he’s 5, but thinks he’s super nice.

I was very happy to see Joe Nathan there!  He was somewhat quite though...
Nick Punto was trying to get everyone at the bar to cheer Orlando Hudson on enough to get him to take his shirt off.  He didn’t do it!  They moved on to Denard Span, he shot it down!  Then everyone tried to get Punto to do it.  No one did.

It was such an incredible night!  It was fun getting to know some of the Twins players better and just hanging out with them!  I will admit, Jon Rauch was actually pretty nice to me last night.  He seemed to be in a better mood than at Twinsfest, though he did get snarky with a couple guys who walked in front of where we were taking pictures.  I'm still not on the Oscar bandwagon, but I'll be a little nicer when it comes to him.

Tonight:  I'll be enjoying the game from the 300 level!


Jammer said...

Slowey knowing your name - NEVER a bad thing! haha but it is really funny :)

Andrea said...

Awesome entry, thanks for all the pictures! looks like you had a super fun night, I'm jealous :)

Jessica said...

looks like you had a great time! how do you find out about these events?

Betsy said...

Jammer - I kind of am wondering if it's possibly because of my blog that he knows my name. Scares me a bit!

Andrea - It was a blast! I couldn't have asked for a better night!

Jessica- They list the player appearances on the Twins' website. That's how I find out about most of the player appearances!

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