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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stop, Slama Time!

Okay, I just need to start by saying, losing to Cleveland is unacceptable.  They are the last place team in our division, and we now have lost two games to them.  It makes me ill.  I don't think tonight that our starting pitching was bad.  Sure, I would have like Slowey to go further into the game, but he was looking tired at the end of his 5.2 innings, and 99 pitches.  After having a short outing of only 3 innings last time, I'm not surprised that he looked tired toward the end tonight.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with how he did, and ultimately it was in fact our bullpen that lost this game for us.  (No, I'm not saying anything bad about Jesse Crain and that fluke of a hit that scored 2 runs)

I'm quite happy about the roster move the Twins made yesterday after the game.  I think all of us fans have been waiting for Slama to get a nod this whole season!  He deserves it, and really, can he do any worse than the rest of the 'pen has?  I know that he's gotta step up and be outstanding, or else he is going to get ripped apart by the fans.  That's a lot of pressure for him, so hopefully he is oblivious to all of this pressure and just is the bad ass that he's been in Triple-A this season.

So during the torturous game that was last night's game, I got bored and started thinking about what the Twins players would be doing if they weren't baseball players.  Here's the jobs that I've came up with so far for the boys:

Carl Pavano - Porn star (this one is pretty obvious, I mean look at this picture.)
Michael Cuddyer - Magician (if you haven't seen his card trick, check out my video of it on You Tube here: Cuddy The Magician.
Kevin Slowey - Motivational Speaker
Timmy (Scott) Baker - Angel (check out his head shot for this, with me in the pic)
Orlando Hudson - Actor.  He acts a lot when he's playing baseball, so I think he'd be good at it.
JJ Hardy - Country Singer.  For some reason, I can see him being good at this.
Nick Punto - Stripper.
Denard Span - Televangelist.  He already thanks Jesus when he gets on base.
Matty Guerrier and Nick Blackburn - Semi Truck drivers.  It's a toss up who's 'stache puts them in the lead for this job.
Joe Mauer - Chippendale Dancer.  I think he's got the white boy dance moves down, plus a lot of ladies think he's pretty.
Jeff Manship - Superman/Clark Kent.  Come on, he looks like him, right??
Jon Rauch - Basketball Player (I know, this is kind of lame)
Justin Morneau - Canadian Mountie

As talks about trades continue, I wonder if the Twins will make any moves that will make any of us fans happy.  In the past, Bill Smith and co. do not have the highest track record with making moves that everyone else seems to think are the most obvious issues that need to be addressed.  I guess this year, I'm hoping for help in the bullpen.  Yes, I know our starting pitchers have left something to be desired, but I think and have faith that there is still some hope for them.  I know that this means it'll come with some hard times and some losses, but I know the Twins and their love to come from behind late in the season and surprise the hell out of all of the competitors.


CapitalBabs said...

ooooo, you're right, JJ Hardy looks a lot like Josh Turner. *shiver*

as for Blackburn and Matty G, someone had mentioned Gay Bar Chic but I can't remember who.

and sorry, just CAN'T see Mauer as a chippendale... maybe doing Old Spice commercials??? LOL

Betsy said...

CapitalBabs- I gave Joe the Chippendale dancer cause of his looks. lol...I was running low on ideas by the time I got to him! :)

JJ definitely has the looks to be a musician! Girls would/do swoon!

Heidi said...

As someone who follows hot country singers and goes to concerts-I have to say good call on JJ! I have no idea if he has musical talent, but JJ can totally be a hot country star! Seriously! He'd push Luke Bryan out of the way as my #1 obsession.
And Joe... I don't see him being a chipndale dancer. He's pretty, but I think he'd be to shy to grind his crotch in some woman's face. I vote that he'd be a teacher, or landscaper, or my personal manservant. what? who said that!?
and the Justin/mountie thing is my secret fantasy that when his baseball career is done he will become a canadian mountie, or at least star in a canadian sitcom as a canadian mountie tentatively titled "my favorite mountie". it would be kind of like dudley do-right only justin would be much smarter.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I am CRACKING UP at the jobs that the guys would have if they weren't playing ball. That is way too funny!

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