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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Winning Ever Enough?‏

Target Field Plaza
 Eight games was really nice to win in a row...getting blown away by Tampa Bay so far is depressing.  A lot of people were still criticizing the Twins when they were winning and even the starting rotation, which let's face it, has stepped up a lot during the last few games.

Slowey pitched a fabulous game on Saturday.  He pitched 8 solid innings and got Seattle's best hitter; Ichiro, to strike out 3 times.  Sadly, Gardy didn't want to risk it and attempt to have Slowey strike him out a 4th time.  Thankfully, Mijares was on his game and didn't cost us the game like he has in the past.
Slowey pitching
I'd like to welcome our newest addition to the team (yes, I know I'm late with this)...Matt Capps.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he's made of and what he can do to help our team.

I can't say I'm like a lot of fans who were upset about the Twins trading away Wilson Ramos.  I know he was our key for trade bait and that the Twins might have been able to get more for him, but one never knows if his trade value would have decreased by the next time the Twins had an option for a trade.  Did a lot of teams see thru the fact that we already had a great catcher and that we would eventually trade away Morales?  Who knows why really Billy Smith opted for the trade that he made.  I think there is always a lot more behind these trades than we ever think about.

Enjoy some more pics!
Sunset at Target Field
Target Field at twilight

JJ Hardy
Funny shirt I found at Target Field while trying to find my new pal TC!

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