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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Something is Bear-y Wrong!

Well first place was fun while it lasted!  Last night's game was a tough one to watch, the Twins suffered through a lot of errors and blunders that didn't seem able to recover from.  The night before, when we topped the AL Central, WOW!  What a home run derby!  The Twins pounded on the White Sux and every player (in the lineup) with a 'J' first name, got a home run...including my renamed J'Michael Cuddyer!  What a tear and what a fun game to watch.  Especially when it is a game against the White Sux and especially when we pound them.

I'm hoping tonight is a night like the first one in the windy city.  I hope the Twins' bats come alive and battle against the White Sux back into first place.  This series and next week's series against the Sux are important game, and ultimately could be what will make or break the post season.

Before the game started, I decided to go to the Roseville Library and check out story time with TC!  It was a blast, though I think I enjoyed it more than most of the kids there (most were too young to sit still and participate).   After story time was over, I finally got to introduce myself to my twitter pal, TC!  The one thing that was missing was Karlee...don't worry, Karlee, TC's coming for you! :)
This weekend is going to be a fun-filled Twins weekend.  I am now officially going to all three games in the Oakland series and I can't wait!

So I've been trying to compile some questions that I could have some of the Twins players answer that fans like us would like to know the answers too.  Please comment with some questions (general Twins any player questions, or player specific) that you'd like to ask if given the opportunity, and I'm going to do my best to get them answered and post them here on my blog!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I'll update more after the weekend series with pictures and game recaps!  Remember, leave your questions!


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