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Monday, September 27, 2010

And The Winner Is...(My Votes Count)

A while back, Seth Stohs asked a bunch of us Twins bloggers to write up our picks for MVP, Top Pitchers and Rookie of the Year (as far as Twins only) for this season.  I was one of the fortune bloggers to get to give my input.  I've decided to share with everyone who it was that I voted for.

MVP  (first place vote gets 10pts, 2nd place 8 pts, and so on)

1. Delmon Young - Delmon really stepped up when Justin Morneau got hurt and was unable to contribute.  He even had a chance to be on the final vote for the All-Star ballot.
2. Joe Mauer - Isn't it obviousy why he's up on my list?  It's Joe Mauer.
3. Carl Pavano - Carl's been a great investment the Twins have had this season.
4. Danny Valencia - Viva Valencia.  This rookie should be in the running for Rookie of the Year.  He's blown all Twins fans away.  We've been looking for a starting third baseman and I think we've found him!
5. Jesse Crain - I will admit, I was on the "Crain Wreck" kick at the start of the year, but Jesse has really settled down and been a force to be reckoned with the second half of the year.
6. Francicso Liriano - Frankkkkie has been....well just like his nickname implies. Lights out.
7. Justin Morneau - Although his season was cut short, he was in the running for the AL MVP for the entire ride of the season he was involved in.
8. Jason Repko - I couldn't think of who else to pick, and I think that Repko still has stepped out as part of a fabulous defensive outfielder.  His cannon is enough to knock your clothes off as it goes flying by you. 

**Note, I did not mean to leave Jim Thome off my list.  He just slipped my mind.

Top Pitchers (This one was only 5 choices, point count still the same style)

1. Brian Duensing - He had to step up from the bullpen and has been a security blanket.  I'm never worried when it's his day to pitch.
2. Carl Pavano - Carl has been fabulous this year.  If my reasons above were not enough, Carl has been the ace that our rotation has revolved around.
3. Jesse Crain - Jesse's been out lights out guy in the bullpen.  When Matt Guerrier collapsed, Jesse Crain came through.
4. Francisco Liriano - Although he's had some shaky starts, he's also got us through so huge starts and helped us get to the post season (where we're headed).
5. Brian Fuentes - A great pick up late in the season.  I find myself excited to see him come into games.  He pitches like a true veteran and one who is able to shut guys down.  It feels like a force to be reckoned with.

Top Rookie (This one was only 3 choices, and points again are same style)

1. Danny Valencia - how could Danny Valencia not be on anyone's rookie of the year list?  I would have liked to have picked him for all of my 3 picks, but I had to pick some others too.
2. Matt Fox - one of the biggest games of the year, where we really needed a win, this rookie stepped up and showed all of us that it's unwise to have little faith in rookies.  I was afraid we were all going to get a little lost with this guy. (HAHA, had to.)
3. Luke Hughes - First MLB hit was a home run. Enough said.

Be sure to check out the full list of winners at Seth's blog here: www.sethspeaks.net.

Another note: If you're looking for some good amusement, be sure to check out the rookie hazing pictures on Pat Neshek's website.  On The Road With Pat Neshek  They are definitely worth looking at.  Any Valencia lovers out there...wowzah.


Bryz said...

You forgot Jim Thome in your MVP picks ;-)

Betsy said...

oh yeah i did, didn't i?! lol oops! Sorry, Thome. I didn't mean to!

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