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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bending Till We Break

Lately it seems like the Twins are getting hit big time by the injury bug. It’s not like they are taking every day blows like broken bones, or more than just Justin with a concussion. It’s strains, sprains, pulling muscles. They are getting tired it what it likely is coming down to. The season is getting near the end and their bodies have had enough. Hopefully with some of these guys sitting now, it’ll mean that they will be in top form for the post season (provided they make it to post season).
Denard Span

Thursday night proved to be one of those nights where the Twins just looked too tired. Our bullpen arms were either weak (not including Jeff Manship) or not available. We just picked up a couple guys (Fuentes and Flores) and one wasn’t even available due to soreness. If these guys want to play post season, they are going to have to toughen up and play a little hurt. It’s at this point in the season, where almost everyone is hurt. It makes me think back to the Minnesota Wild’s season and their super trooper Greg Zanon. Zanon played with a broken foot for several weeks. He didn’t want to be sit, he wanted to play, even though the Wild didn’t have a playoff shot. I know it’s never good to play when you’re hurt, but I think a little heart and determination can go a long way. Do I want these guys to get hurt long term because they play through pain right now? No, I definitely don’t want that. I just think that some of the injuries are mild enough that they could possibly tough them out.

Last night was a HUGE win against Texas. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous about having a rookie start against Texas, but I was hopeful he would be able to baffle the Rangers like so many rookies in the league baffle us when we first play them. I’d say holding the first place Texas Rangers to 2 runs in 5+ innings, was a fabulous job! I was very impressed watching a guy who I hadn’t heard of until Seth Stohs broke the story that he would be starting. I’m not going to lie, I think I may even have more faith in Matt Fox than I do Nick Blackburn. I still cringe a little watching Nick Blackburn. Sure, I know he did a good job in his last couple outings, but he also started the season like that too and then fell down the rabbit hole and tanked. I just hope he finds consistency and sticks with it.

We fed Bit-O-Honey to TC!
Bears and Honey
The giant TC magic bounce at the State Fair...a little creepy.

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Dan Cook said...

I dig the Greg Zanon comment and all, but I think there's a big difference between the daily grind of Baseball, and Hockey where they get more days off and don't play nearly as many games.

I know the White Sox aren't going away, but I'd rather see the guys get rest now and be healthy for the playoffs.

Just my 2-cents :-)