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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Like 163, Only Better!

Last night the Twins clinched the AL Central division with a huge win and with some help from the Oakland A's! The Twins rallied in the 7th inning and came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat the Indians 6-2.
Beer soaked...everything...at Target Field
Earlier in the day, the Twins had tweeted that they wouldn't be showing the White Sux game and that fans couldn't stick around after, they planned for no celebration after a possible clinch. A bunch of us figured what the hell, let's try and stick around.  The worse that can happen is they kick us out. We made our way over to the Twins dugout (where we could see the out of town scoreboard).  It wasn't long before they turned that and the main lights off. We thought for sure that meant we'd have to leave. Nope. We had plenty of people checking mlb.tv on their phones and calling people to find out the progress.
Drew capturing photos/video of the crowd still at the field
Two outs came in the 9th and when the final batter for the White Sux had two strikes the crowd began getting rowdy. A few of the players poked their heads out during the last inning, taking pictures and getting the crowd riled up. Once they knew they had the division, they kept us in suspense for another 15 minutes and then finally live sprung out from the dugout bringing beer and buckets full of liquid (I assume a sort of beer/champagne-water)...thankfully Jon Rauch missed me and my friends by about a foot, but Drew Butera didn't miss with the abundance of beer he drenched us with.  It was cold during the game, but adrenaline had us so riled up we didn't feel the cold anymore. Only excitement coursed through our systems and kept us wanting more beer to be thrown on us.
Drew drenching us in beer!
 It was incredible and I felt like I was part of the team for the night! I now officially know how the players feel when alcohol is thrown about and gets in your eyes, hair and all over your clothes. Do you care or feel any kind of pain? Nope! You feel the need for more!
yes it's a little blurry...but it's the "F@&king Fifth" when some of the guys do the most damage, according to Plouffe.
I'd have to say that being able to stick around and celebrate with the team with a few thousand people was 100 times better than game 163 last year. If I had the chance to do it again, I'd take the opportunity in a heartbeat!
Justin Morneau getting interviewed
I also made a tv appearance toward the end of the night! I tried ducking out of the way but was not quick enough! Oh well, guess it's just proof that I was there! Can I have seconds?
The team out celebrating with the fans!


Steve Finnell said...

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Benjamin said...

Justin Morneau getting interviewed by Woody Harrelson

Betsy said...

Benjamin - it does look like it! :) lol

Sarah G said...

Thanks for explaining the Trevor/Drew shirt. I was really confused by it when I saw it on tv!

Beth said...

Grr! I left because of that tweeet. I was there in 2006, which I think was probably similar (except the last day! Although we already knew we were going to playoffs).

We watched on TV and were really mad that we could've stayed. This is what I get for following the rules..

Betsy said...

Sarah G - I asked him (Plouffe) tonight at baseball unplugged :)

Beth - Yes, I almost left too, but got convinced not to leave and we never got kicked out. SO much fun!

Karlee said...

LOL Mark Rosens face.

That was an amazing night.
I blame one of them getting me sick, though. -glare- arghhh. Tainted germy beer hahaha.

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