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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Oh It's Magic!

Currently, the Tigers and the White Sux are still playing and a wild pitch just scored the tying run...after tonight, the Twins' magic number will still be at 5 or if by the grace of God the White Sux lose, it'll be down to 4 (I'm hoping for the latter, since the Twins didn't get it done today).  I was happy to be away from the TV today and not watching the debacle that was called a Twins game.
Group photo of the staffers at Fan HQ with JJ Hardy

It's been a busy week and I've been slacking at writing more on here.  I've had a few Twins games and got to hang out with JJ Hardy within the past week (which was a blast!).  I worked at the Fan HQ signing at Ridgedale Mall where JJ was signing.  He is an absolute doll and I had the pleasure of making him laugh on several occasions.  The picture below is example 1 of making JJ laugh.
I have balls...Kari: "Look, Slowey is behind you!"
JJ Hardy and his sore hand...had around 300 autographs that he worked through!
  It has been so great watching the Twins magic number dwindle down quickly and a clinch of the division seem inevitable.  I know that realistically, the White Sux probably won't make a comeback, but they are pesky and an annoying team, so I don't want to count them out just yet.  I don't want to get too high on having the AL Central "in the bag" and have it blow up in my face.  Yes, I have faith that the Twins will win it, but I just can't count my chickens yet.

view from section 325 (thanks to @Loleets!
Now I will post some pictures from the last game I was at, which knocked another section off my list of visiting every section this year. (All I have left is the trapezoid section (which you can see in the picture above) and the cushy seats right behind home plate.)  Enjoy!
Ahh the all too familiar Cuddy swing
The should be Rookie of the Year!
The last thing that Jeff Manship laughed at: Drew Butera laughing
Ben Revere
Joe Mauer making sure everything is still intact.
Laser arm Repko
JJ at third base
This was when Drew got his double (somewhat of a fluke, but I don't care!)
I sure hope this man was drunk when getting this painted on his face...
TC is SO nice to his handlers...(the one on the right)
New things I got to see having club level seats
Matt Capps shutting down the A's

On another note: the last Baseball Unplugged of the year is on Wednesday night at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar from 7-9 pm!  If you're going, be sure and say hi!  I'll be there along with Michael Cuddyer, Ben Revere and Trevor Plouffe!


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