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Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Winning Feels Like

Carl Pornvano (Click his name to see the "Viva La Stache" tshirt that is a huge hit amongst Twins players!
Today, while the Twins rested and had an off day, the Chicago White Sux lost to the Detroit Tigers to put them 6 games back from the Twins, bringing the Twins' magic number down to just 17!  In the last 10 games, the Twins have went 8-2 and Chicago has went 7-3, which you would think would keep Chicago nipping at our heels.  The Twins have capitalized on the games that Chicago has lost and kept winning the games they needed to.

It's great to see the Twins have the 3rd best record in the American League (83-57), just behind the damn New York Yankees (87-53) and Tampa Bay Rays (84-55).  Now not to get anxious and jump ahead of ourselves...last year, the Twins were 6.5 games out of first place and ended up winning the division.  However, if the Twins continue to win series like they have been doing, I don't think they'll have anything to worry about when it comes to Chicago.

Lately guys like Matt Tolbert and JJ Hardy have been stepping up while some of our other guys (Valencia) have been out.  I think I am shocked every time Matt Tolbert has gotten clutch hits.
Nick Punto and Joe Nathan working out at Target Field
 Congratulations to Jim Thome for hitting his 584-586 home runs!  He's now tied for 8th place in the all-time list for home runs.  Can the Twins please sign him for next season now?  Thanks.  If you don't already have one, be sure to check out the "Thome is my Homey" t-shirts at Diamond Centric! 
Kevin Slowey back from the DL
Monday night hosted the second to last Baseball Unplugged of the season.  The last one will be at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar, date TBD.  This one had Michael Cuddyer, Matt Guerrier and Joe Nathan.  A classic Unplugged, but still fun nonetheless. 
Matt Guerrier and Joe Nathan
 I once again asked a question to the players: "If you could play any position, other than your current one, what would you play?"
Joe Nathan: "I'd play shortstop, since that's what I was originally drafted for."
Matt Guerrier: "I think I'd like to play in the outfield.  I see the balls that those guys don't catch out there.  Though, I'd probably drop them too."
Michael Cuddyer: "I'd like to pitch.  Since that's the only thing I haven't done yet."
Joe Nathan
Who knows, Cuddy, by the end of the season, you may get your wish!  Michael Cuddyer was also impressed with my record (while at Twins games) and said "I don't know which is more impressive...the fact that you're 25-5 (now 26-5) or that you've been to 30 games!"
Michael Cuddyer
Cuddyer, Guerrier, Nathan

Another upcoming player appearance is for JJ Hardy, at the Fan HQ in Minnetonka!  $10 for autographs.  More information is available HERE. If you're going, let me know!  I'll be there too!

Where's TC?

Be sure to check out Off the Mark's take on being an Usher in the first season at Target Field: HERE. It's quite entertaining and I'm sure I'm one of the people who do things that the ushers don't like.  Like sit in seats when I bought standing room only tickets. :)

Look, even Mickey is a Twins fan!


Bryz said...

That's it, I'm going to make sure you get thrown out of the game next time you're there! :-P

Betsy said...

HAHA!! Bring it on! :) You gotta find me first.
And I don't think I'd do SRO tickets again...

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