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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Mess With Texas

These last few games have been tough to stomach.  It's been hard watching a contending team take on another one and lose 3 games in a row.  Thankfully we haven't lost all the ground we gained on Chicago because Kansas City and Baltimore have been helping our cause.  I think they secretly like the underdog team and just hate the White Sux too.  Who can really blame them for that?

It's been tough this year watching players get hurt and go on the DL for extended periods of time.  The latest victims, Kevin Slowey (which probably makes me the most saddened) and Ron Mahay.  Both were lost in the same game, during another tough pill to swallow.  I don't think the Twins have been a team this year that should lose to the Angels.  They're not the same threat they were a year ago, but the Twins played them like they were.  These and other teams like Texas are ones that we have to stand up and fight to win.
Karlee and I fighting over TC.
Maybe the Twins need to take a page from Karlee and fight tooth and nail over what's important.  If they want to stay in first place, they need to win games and win big games.  Win games when Chicago loses and gain more ground than a mere 3.5 games.  Sooner or later that small lead will be nothing if they don't capitalize on it early.  I know, I don't really want to see yet another game 163, for the third year in a row.  The regular season is long enough and stressful enough.  Who needs a game chalk full of stress??
Joe Mauer checking his swing
Last weekend, I explored the option of Standing Room Only tickets.  I'll put it this way, they were not my favorite.  I like keeping score and I'm short, so I have to stand in front in order to see over people.  With that being said, we had to get their super early in order to get what we considered to be a "good" spot (just to the third base side behind home plate on the lower level)...and we waited and waited some more for the game to start.  In the whole day (which we opted for seats by the 6th inning, granted in the hot sun but seats nonetheless) we spent probably 6 hours standing.  The game was around 4 hours long, and we were there when gates opened.  It was a long day for sure.  If you don't mind standing, those kind of tickets are fine, and cheap.
Kevin Slowey pitching
One of the perks of being there so early on a Saturday?  I got to watch the Twins take batting practice.  Not that it's terribly exciting, but it's fun being able to stand down right by the dug out and watch them.
Jim Thome is such a bad ass, he doesn't need a glove!
Timmy (Scott Baker) and his not so good looking facial hair.
Jason Repko
We also got to check out TC take on a couple of the Minnesota Wild hockey players in the home run contest.  (Josh Harding and Clayton Stoner).  To put it nicely, Clayton Stoner should stick to playing hockey.
All in all, despite the heat, it was a nice day and tons of fun.  I'm looking forward to when the Twins are at home again, and I can see them live at Target Field (my second home) some more!  26 games hasn't been enough yet this season!  (For those who care and seem to ask every now and then, my record is 21-5).  Bring on the Tigers and bring on some more winning!

Hopefully the Twins can take on Texas tonight, deep in the heart of Texas and beat the heat of Cliff Lee.  Cliff Lee (knock on wood) has not won since his trade.  Let's hope that lucky streak he's got going, continues and the Twins benefit from it tonight.  We've seem to have good success against him so far this season (and in years' past).  I'm hoping for another L in Cliff Lee's stats (even though he's on my fantasy team).
That's it for now!  GO TWINS!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Target Field: No Longer Where Joe's Balls Go To Die

Well this weekend was crazy busy for me!  It was jamb packed with Twins games Friday-Sunday!  I am not complaining about spending time at Target Field, I enjoy it.  Plus I got to see three rocking games and see the Twins sweep the Oakland A's.
Fireworks after the August 13th game

The Twins have been on a tear lately and are currently sitting 5 games ahead of Chicago for the lead in the Central.  With Tuesday night's spectical of Jim Thome hitting a walk-off 2-run home run to win the game in the bottom of 10, I didn't think anything could top that last night.  Boy, was I wrong.  Joe Mauer finally decided to connect and not let Target Field own him and all his balls.  My phrase used to be: Target Field: Where Joe Mauer's Balls Go To Die...this is no longer the case!  It only took him 57 home games before he could land one just barely in the flower in the left field wall!

storm clouds that evaded Target Field
The rain stayed away all weekend during the game time.  Thankfully, Brian Duensing pitch one heck of a game getting fans out of the stadium before a nice storm could rush through.  He was outstanding in his complete game shut out starting a crazy game of shaving cream pie that himself and Jim Thome both took after outstanding games that they had (Duensing, complete game shut out; Thome, walk off home run that won the game for the Twins).
beautiful night for a beautiful shut out (and a storm to follow)
Tonight, the Twins look to finish off the White Sux series and bring out the brooms to send them back to Chicago.

This weekend the Twins have the Angels in town to face Torii and the gang in a three game series.  I'll be at Target Field tomorrow for my 5th time in 8 days.  I'm beginning to think that Target Field really is my home away from home.  I don't mind though.  I just get kidnapped when I'm at the games anyway.
Tonight: Mister Mustache man himself, Carl Pornvano takes on Chicago's ace Mark Buehrle.  It should definitely be a interesting game...and it'll be a good deciding factor of the momentum the Twins will have going into the Angels series.

I almost forgot!  Monday night was Baseball Unplugged at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park!  Nick Punto, Drew Butera, and Danny Valencia were there.

I really have decided I like Danny Valencia, he looked like a kid in a candy store there on Monday night.  With his parents and cousin in tow, he was beaming all night from ear to ear!  I asked for clarification on the pronunciation of his last name and it is NOT how Bert Byleven says it.  It's Va Len C Ya.  Not Va Len CHIA.  He told me that he's been sitting down with Bert going over how to say his name.  Apparently, this has been unsuccessful so far.

It was a really fun night, and myself CapitalBabs, and Karleecupcake had fabulous seats right next to their table.  Here are a couple pics I took that night (in the dark bar)...and hopefully, the fill in the blank surveys I gave Nick Punto (for the three of the them) will be filled out and returned to me so I can post those up here for everyone.  Just a bit of ridiculous fun, but fun to share as well!
Nick Punto (and Drew) ready to answer questions
Danny Valencia
Drew Butera :)
Punto, Butera and Valencia 
4 crazy girls (sketch54, capitalbabs, karleecupcake and me forthelove_ (Twitter names))

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Something is Bear-y Wrong!

Well first place was fun while it lasted!  Last night's game was a tough one to watch, the Twins suffered through a lot of errors and blunders that didn't seem able to recover from.  The night before, when we topped the AL Central, WOW!  What a home run derby!  The Twins pounded on the White Sux and every player (in the lineup) with a 'J' first name, got a home run...including my renamed J'Michael Cuddyer!  What a tear and what a fun game to watch.  Especially when it is a game against the White Sux and especially when we pound them.

I'm hoping tonight is a night like the first one in the windy city.  I hope the Twins' bats come alive and battle against the White Sux back into first place.  This series and next week's series against the Sux are important game, and ultimately could be what will make or break the post season.

Before the game started, I decided to go to the Roseville Library and check out story time with TC!  It was a blast, though I think I enjoyed it more than most of the kids there (most were too young to sit still and participate).   After story time was over, I finally got to introduce myself to my twitter pal, TC!  The one thing that was missing was Karlee...don't worry, Karlee, TC's coming for you! :)
This weekend is going to be a fun-filled Twins weekend.  I am now officially going to all three games in the Oakland series and I can't wait!

So I've been trying to compile some questions that I could have some of the Twins players answer that fans like us would like to know the answers too.  Please comment with some questions (general Twins any player questions, or player specific) that you'd like to ask if given the opportunity, and I'm going to do my best to get them answered and post them here on my blog!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I'll update more after the weekend series with pictures and game recaps!  Remember, leave your questions!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Winning Ever Enough?‏

Target Field Plaza
 Eight games was really nice to win in a row...getting blown away by Tampa Bay so far is depressing.  A lot of people were still criticizing the Twins when they were winning and even the starting rotation, which let's face it, has stepped up a lot during the last few games.

Slowey pitched a fabulous game on Saturday.  He pitched 8 solid innings and got Seattle's best hitter; Ichiro, to strike out 3 times.  Sadly, Gardy didn't want to risk it and attempt to have Slowey strike him out a 4th time.  Thankfully, Mijares was on his game and didn't cost us the game like he has in the past.
Slowey pitching
I'd like to welcome our newest addition to the team (yes, I know I'm late with this)...Matt Capps.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he's made of and what he can do to help our team.

I can't say I'm like a lot of fans who were upset about the Twins trading away Wilson Ramos.  I know he was our key for trade bait and that the Twins might have been able to get more for him, but one never knows if his trade value would have decreased by the next time the Twins had an option for a trade.  Did a lot of teams see thru the fact that we already had a great catcher and that we would eventually trade away Morales?  Who knows why really Billy Smith opted for the trade that he made.  I think there is always a lot more behind these trades than we ever think about.

Enjoy some more pics!
Sunset at Target Field
Target Field at twilight

JJ Hardy
Funny shirt I found at Target Field while trying to find my new pal TC!