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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Not Ready To Say Goodbye Yet!

Going into this post season, I was very optimistic.  I thought with how the Twins were playing, no matter who they faced, they had an excellent shot of going on the way and winning it.  Even when I knew the Twins would ultimately (thanks baseball gods) have to face the Yankees to get to the ALCS, I thought they could do it.  Yesterday's game felt so good, up until Mark Teixiera had to hit the blasted 2-run home run that ended up ruining that game for the Twins and allowing the Yankees to take a 1-0 lead in the ALDS series.

Tonight wasn't any better.  Carl Pavano looked great.  Sure, he allowed a few base runners, but nine times out of ten, he was able to get out of the jambs he worked himself into without making it look like much of an effort.  Twins broke out and took a 1-0 lead early in the game, but were unable to keep it very long.  Orlando Hudson showed us that he is capable of getting big hits.  Delmon Young finally did what I thought he needed to do in the post season and stepped up with two big hits in the game.  Sadly, the Twins couldn't rack up the runs in these innings.

I feel for Danny Valencia, and I can definitely see his nerves throughout this series.  Do I think that he shouldn't be nervous and that he should act like a veteran?  No, I think he's acted that way up until this point and these are HUGE games and something he's never experienced.  I think the games will get less nerve-wracking for him as the time goes on.  I still think he's got the right stuff (no New Kids reference intended, I swear).

The person, however, in this post season that is on my "list"...Jason Kubel.  Kubel is now hitting .080 (2-for-25) with 12 strikeouts in 7 career postseason games.  He has not gotten a single hit in the past two games.  I think we need him to sit and warm the bench for the third game if he is going to play like that.  I think there are plenty of current bench warmers that could do just as well (possibly better).  I don't really think he will get benched, but maybe it would knock some sense into him and kick him into gear.  We need guys like him, Joe Mauer, Delmon Young and Denard Span to come up HUGE for us (not to mention Thome as well).  If these guys are not going to step up and play like the leaders they should be, why don't we just play the B-squad team that played hung over the day after the Twins clinched the division?  They were capable of pulling out a win at least. (Yes, I know it wasn't against the Yankees.)

A beat writer for the White Sux suggested that the Sux should dress up like the Yankees so that the Twins would "pee themselves" when they faced them.  I think the Twins should imagine that Yankees (since there is no way they would ever really do this) are the White Sux.  They ARE capable of beating them and if they treated the Yankees like they were the White Sux, maybe we could win one of these games.

Alright, time to end on a happy note and send everyone off with some last regular season game photos I took.  Hopefully, the Twins will turn things around and bring the ALCS back to Target Field.  It'd be a great birthday present for me.  Enjoy the pictures.

Slowey pitching with Valencia in the fore ground and Morales at first.
A Casilla in it's natural environment...ready to pounce.

Brian Fuentes taking his warm up tosses
Matt Capps
Morales at second

Brian Duensing
Also enjoy this video on mlb.com of Kevin Slowey, showing off the Viva La Stache t-shirt!