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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome New Twins Players

I can't say I'm that excited about the new Twins that are coming on board.  Mainly for the fact that we lost Michael Cuddyer, Joe Nathan, Jason Kubel and Kevin Slowey. I think the biggest loss was Michael Cuddyer.  He was such a great Twins player.

When the Twins signed Jason Marquis today, I couldn't help but google him to see what he looked like. (I'm a girl, give me a break...I need to know the cuteness factor of a player too).  I was shocked how much he looked like Carl Pavano.  From some of the pictures of him pitching, it appears he has a similar approach to Carl as well.  Does this make me like him? Meh...I'm very undecided about all the new Twins players.  About the whole team really.  It's definitely going to be an interesting season where I'm not sure what to expect at all.

I decided to have a bit of fun with Carl and Jason tonight...in the form of photoshop.  Here it goes.
We finally have Mario AND Luigi.  Welcome aboard, Jason Marquis...err Luigi.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Betsy, It's Your Pitch

I know, it's been quite some time since this blog has seen the light of day from me.  It's not that I've tried neglecting it, it's just been a really hard season to write about the Twins.  Don't get me wrong, I still love the team just as much as I did from the start, but it'd be nice if they could win a few games! Am I right, or what?
At this point in the season, I think all of us are hoping that the Astros pull their stuff together and find a way to have a better record than the Twins so that we at least come away with something from this horrible season (aka higher/possible number one draft pick). Otherwise, we should end up somewhere close to the top for draft picks regardless.

This past Friday was probably my last game I'll be going to this season, but it was an incredible game! Did the Twins win? No.  They lost 7-6 because of a Jim Thome (now Cleveland Indian) home run.  I actually was fortunate enough to be able to throw out a first pitch before the game.  How did I get to do this? Well some of my readers probably already know since they are also on Twitter and likely follow the Twins, but for those who are not, the Twins tweeted "The first person to show this tweet to the Captain gets to throw out a first pitch 20 minutes from now. #TFans".  My friend and I were on the first level by the left field bleacher seats so we weren't far away. We booked it upstairs and low and behold, I was the first person to show the tweet to them.
 It was incredible.  I probably could've been happy just going onto the field.  That alone was so cool.  I was so nervous before it was my turn to throw out the pitch.  I had a hard time even keeping the ball in my hands (which Jessica can probably attest to).  It turned out good though.  I stood just in front of the pitching mound and got the ball to T.C. Bear (who was my catcher) without him having to move at all.  I was quite proud of myself, since I'm not good about throwing the ball long distances (just ask my teammates from softball last year!)

I am still on cloud nine from the whole experience.  I also realize that it'll probably never happen to me again, but for that one night, I was happy to be where I was even if the Twins did lose.

Saturday night, me and some other twitter friends all headed to Bloomington and went to Baseball Unplugged.  Michael Cuddyer was not there to host the event, but Trevor Plouffe, Rene Tosoni and Anthony Swarzak were there.  It was a fun night.  We tried to get the 3 rookies to tell us all who Gumby was (for the rookie hazing); I asked what songs they used as their at bat music (mainly just to hear Rene Tosoni admit his at bat music is called "I Love My Sex").  Trevor Plouffe was a kick that night.  He gave my friend a high five as he walked past her and had a lesson from me in how to say my last name right.  I also found out that Anthony Swarzak saw me throw out my first pitch when Rene Rivera pointed me out to him (supposedly Rene told him that we're friends on Twitter).

If I could repeat this past weekend (Friday night and Saturday), I would.
For those who are wondering, I haven't forgotten about giving away the Delmon Young signed photo.  I still will do that.  So be sure to like my facebook page for this blog.  There'll be another autographed item I'll be giving away and potential for a third player later on.

Don't know where to find the page?  Well you're in luck.  Go HERE for the blog facebook page.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here's Your Chance

Lately, I've been a bit in mourning.  I'm sad that Luke Hughes got sent down in order to make room for Scott Baker.  I LOVE Scott Baker, don't get me wrong, but I really don't understand the logic behind the decision.  I know that the move was so Gardy could have 13 pitchers going into this current road trip.  Sure, more pitchers is a good thing, especially when you are the Twins' bullpen (they haven't been the most reliable this season...and that's an understatement), but what is the point in keeping a pitcher (or 3) who constantly give up runs and frustrate every one, down to us, the fans?

At least before Luke got sent down, I got to meet him (again) at Baseball Unplugged.  Cuddy hosted the event with Delmon and Luke as guests.  I had a suggestion given to me to ask Luke if there is a method behind his pie-ing of his teammates, or if he just tries to go for the surprise attack.  Now the video I got isn't really a video...it is, but it's so dark, you can't see anything (which is alright since my friend decided to film it sideways and I'm too lazy to rotate it).  So you'll just have to imagine Luke while he's talking and listen to this:

It was quite possibly, one of my favorite Baseball Unplugged's.  (on a site note: I'm becoming less and less of a fan of how they distribute the autograph tickets to fans.)
Here are some of my pictures, and be sure to check out the great pictures of the night at Michaelcuddyer.com (under photos).

photo courtesy of michaelcuddyer.com
The bag Luke is holding are the cupcakes I made for him. Delmon was "lactose intolerant"
 Here's your chance folks: you can WIN an autographed photo by Delmon Young.  All you need to do is "like" For The Love Of the Game Blog on Facebook.  Go HEREThen, post a comment.  I'll pick one lucky winner.  Don't have facebook? Send me an email with the subject 'Delmon'.
of course the photo you win IS in face signed.
 Best of luck to everyone who enters to win the photo! Who knows, maybe there will be another opportunity in the future.
Well played, Mauer. Even at first.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Approaching the All-Star Break

The All Star game is just around the corner marking the end of the first half of the season for baseball. It's hard to believe this much has passed already. It's unfortunate that the Twins won't likely be at a .500 winning record going into the All-Star break, but thankfully they aren't the worst team in baseball anymore. As of today, there are 6 teams that have worse records than us! In my eyes, that's progress.

The next three home stands the Twins have after the All-Star break will really be telling. First Kansas City, Cleveland and the Detroit. We need big series wins to gain some ground in our division. At this point, I think most teams in the AL Central, have a decent shot. Plus previous years' history, would back that theory up.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see the Twins in Milwaukee. It's definitely a different experience. I've learned, I'm not the biggest fan of Brewers fans. A lot of them that I experienced, were rude, extremely loud and drunks. (disclaimer: this does not apply to ALL Brewers fans, just quite a few I encountered.) I had a couple drunk kids Saturday night that tried to high-five me in the face; had rude drunk guys screaming (so loud their voices cracked every time they yelled) in my ears on Friday night. Sunday was the best day as far as fans. I can't say that it would be a trip I would make again. I did however get some great pictures (one of Michael Cuddyer that even he found funny.) that I'll share in this post. (Pictures below)

On the 4th of July, I had the opportunity to sit in one of the Event Suites thanks to Kristina and Ben from Peanuts From Heaven. It was incredible and we all had such a great time! I am very thankful they asked me if I wanted to go.

Peanuts From Heaven writers and myself.

For those of you in the cities, feel free to join myself and Fan HQ at Bunny's in St. Louis Park for the All-Star game viewing party! Here are the details:

Michael Cuddyer All-Star Game Viewing Party

Bunny's Sports Bar - St. Louis Park, MN

5916 Excelsior Boulevard

Seating begins at 6:30pm and the game starts at 7:00pm.

Admission to this family-friendly event is free and Bunny's will provide FREE hot dogs, chips and popcorn from 6:30-7:30. There will be giveaways and prize drawings throughout the game.

The first 24 people* to arrive will receive an All-Star gift bag with a limited edition Cuddy t-shirt, gift certificates, coupons, and more. Michael Cuddyer autographed cards will be randomly inserted in the gift bags!

Hope to see a bunch of people there! It'll be a lot of fun!

Now, pictures.

I think Luke busted me taking his picture.

Joe NOT a natural at second base.


the awful pencil I kept score with...and what I did to it. haha

Cuddyer. He signed this pic and wrote "Nice Shot" on it.


One of my fav pics I got (and it's not cause of their butts)

This was a ball somebody drew on in "Autograph Alley"

View from their version of the Legends Club (NYCE Club)

Drew got hit in the cookies.


Our last chance for hope in Milwaukee.

Feel free to check out all the pics from my trip to Milwaukee on my facebook page:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Majors, etc Part 2...

So Blogger decided to be fun with my blog post and didn't post the completed post.

Here's the rest.

Some of the highlights (Hanging With Majors): I called Drew Butera a porn star and asked what movie I should rent to see him in it. If you're wondering why would someone call someone else that, then you obviously haven't seen his hideous mustache that he has going right now. See below. He's a good sport when I tease him. He teases me back, which I'm fine with. I enjoy it actually. Luke Hughes remembered me from Sunday night and gave me a "Australian" hug (Repko told me if I bought my beer from Hughes, I got a Australian hug along with the beer. Luke Hughes didn't know what an Australian hug was, but I told him I'd settle for a regular hug.)

Hughes and Repko




Over the weekend, I attended the whole series against the Padres. What a great weekend (even with the rain on Saturday). I had great seats all three games and took a ton of pictures. (Some of which are below at the end of the post).

Saturday morning, I was at Fan HQ for the Danny Valencia. I like the kid (I call everyone a kid, regardless if they are my age or younger). He's a very sarcastic person and super nice. Plus, he's got a great smile and he's easy on the eyes. He seemed like he had a good time as the nearly 200 people came through the line. He decided, after prompted from a coworker of mine, to ask personal questions about my Sunday night at Casino Night. I'm not sharing details or even the story on here, but I'll just say that Danny Valencia knows way too much about my personal life.

Lately, the Twins have been on quite a tear! It's been great to see this winning streak they are on. The game last night astounded me (and I'm sure some others). I'm not going to lie. I was worried when the start of this road trip was against the defending World Series champs would be tough for them. The team really showed that they have gotten past a lot of their early season difficulties. I hope this streak continues and the Twins continue to dominate.

This weekend, I'll be in Milwaukee at Saturday's game and likely Sunday's as well. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of Miller Park and of the Twins game. I'll be decked out in Twins gear and likely be one of those obnoxious Twins fans (mainly because I'll be going to the games with Brewers fans). I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and this winning streak. I'll try to keep up on this more often than this month has allowed.

And lastly...DREW GETTING Shaving Cream in the face!