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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

Danny Valencia and Delmon Young signed ball

With Twinsfest this past weekend, I finally feel like I have something to write about.  It's been a while, and I'm sorry for the lack of posts.  Then again, it's the off season...other than trades and acquisitions, there isn't a lot to write about.
too much fun with some Big Sticks.
This weekend I was one of the 25,000 people able to attend Twinsfest.  One day I went with Karlee and the other, I worked at FanHQ's booth.  Some things I didn't like about Twinsfest being at the National Sport's Center were: 1. too small; 2. two different buildings with a decent walk between the two; 3. waiting in line outside to get autographs from anyone in the smaller of the two buildings; 4. not being able to observe the kid q&a.

I never thought that I would miss the Metrodome as the location of Twinsfest.  This year's schedule of players/autographs/photos didn't seem at "high profile" as it has been in year's past either.  Maybe that's because I opted to not go through a lot of autograph lines, or maybe I was actually observing correctly.  Maybe I was just missing Justin Morneau (whom I wouldn't think I would miss) too much.

One of the funniest things was listening to Phil Mackey's radio show where he played the Newlywed Game with Twins players like Slowey, Cuddyer, Valencia, Span, Blackburn, Kubel and maybe a couple others.  The point was that the player they were talking to had to answer questions how they thought a certain teammate of theirs would answer.  For instance, things got uncomfortable when Slowey tried to evade Mackey's question of "How would Nick Blackburn describe you in 5 words (or less)." He only came up with 1 word: talkative.  Danny Valencia got asked "who would (I didn't hear who his counterpart was) say wears his sunglasses at night." Danny said that he would...and he has (he proved this on Twitter).

My favorite person that I met over the weekend was Jim Kaat.  That was by far the coolest person (Harmon Killbrew was super cool to meet a few years ago).

I'm sure some people are surprised that I wasn't most excited to get (yet another) picture with Kevin Slowey.  Of course I was excited to get my picture with him, but he wasn't someone I hadn't ever met.

Yeah, you can't tell I'm excited at all here.

I got to meet some fellow bloggers that I hadn't before, and other social media "friends".
I did hear a rumor at Twinsfest as to why Joe Mauer has a new (and highly talked about) hairdo. Which reminds me, I'm officially back on the Joe Mauer bandwagon with his new do. Rumor has it that Joe is going to be doing some sort of hair product (shampoo or something like that) endorsement.  His agent told him to grow his hair out a little so that they would have a little more to work with during the commercial. All I know, it's working for Joe. I did let him know that I liked the new hairdo when I went through his photo line (after a long wait from 10am to 2pm).

I got a lot of flack from Seth Stohs (who shouldn't talk given that he hung out solely at the prospects table the entire weekend) when I got my picture with Kyle Waldrop.  Seth kept trying to tell me that I was sitting on Kyle's lap, which I was only squatting next to him.  I think Seth was just hoping I would cause some sort of controversy during Twinsfest! (HA!)

The best comment though came from one of my coworkers at the FanHQ table.  There was this card (picture below) at our table and she goes "who are they?" I responded "prospects." She retorts "For the Twins? Or for you?"  I about died of laughter...and really...is there a difference? ;-) haha!

Drew Butera and Kevin Slowey were sitting back to back at the two autograph tables inside the main building on Sunday signing autographs.  They seemed to like to chat with each other a lot.  My friend Kari tried getting a picture of Butera, who quickly lifted up his button down shirt to cover his face. (he did uncover his face and let her get a picture).  I asked for a picture with him, which he thought I said "can I get a picture of you?" and he plastered a fake smile across his face.
There was definitely too much adorableness going on within these two tables...and craziness.  Ben Revere came over to Alex Burnett and put him in a headlock.  It was a good five plus minutes before he finally let him go.  One fan (trying to get her baby signed) had Slowey hold her baby, which was the cutest thing ever.  All the ladies within the immediate area melted for Slowey.

All in all it was a good weekend (in a bad venue), tiring, but fun.  I am hoping the Metrodome sees repairs before Twinsfest next year or that they find a different location (better planning) so that there isn't two different buildings to have to go between.

Spring Training is coming up soon!  I'm sure most of you are like me and getting excited to see the boys of summer back in action.  The off season always feels so long and every year I feel like I am more anxious for the start of the next season.

The Star Tribune posted a great article about Brian Duensing and his wife the other day.  If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you check it out.  Click HERE to read the article.


Beth Dugan said...

Pretty sure I just died after seeing that last picture. Thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting about Twinsfest! Your stories are so much fun to read about. As an out of state Twins fan, I really appreciate that you take the time to blog about your experiences. In a way, I get to feel like I was there too! :-D

Jay said...

I agree completley with "Anonymous". Wish I could've been there but this is as close as it gets for me! Great pix!

SethSpeaks said...

I wasn't SOLELY at the prospect table...

Betsy said...

Seth - you pretty much were. :-) check your twitter feed from those days. haha!