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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fighting The Demons

Tonight is the second game of a four game series in New York.  Being a Twins fan and knowing their history against the Yankees, it's hard to be optimistic about the Twins winning any games.  I however am going to do my best, at least tonight, to stay positive about their chances.  I mean, after all, it's CC Sabathia we're facing.  We have beat CC before (when he was with the Indians), so why can't we do it now that he's a Yankee player?

Last night, the Twins kept pace with the Yankees.  I'll even overlook the fact that Timmy (Baker) gave up 2 home runs after hitting one batter, and walking another.  He recovered nicely after that and really settled into the game.  Our bullpen even kept us in the game.  I nearly wanted to look away from the TV when Dusty Hughes came in to pitch.  After seeing how he performed in Spring Training, it's hard to be optimistic about him.  If only the Twins bats could light up and start making things happen.

I think Justin's swing is just a matter of time before it starts lighting balls up and sending them over the fences.  There will be some adjusting time for him, given the fact that he's coming off the bench and his concussion.  I can't imagine that would be an easy task to overcome.

Starting this Friday, the Twins are finally opening at home!  I am more than excited for Opening Weekend.  I will be at all three games in the series and will certainly be taking as many pictures as I can.  This year, the pictures won't be as exciting since things aren't really "new" anymore, but I'm sure there are always new things to find at that ballpark.  I shall be on a mission to find them.

Also this Saturday, Scott Baker will be at Fan HQ in Ridgedale Mall from 11-12:30 signing autographs, and taking pictures (12:15-12:30).  Come out and meet him and say hi to me! (I'll be the one sitting at the table with him, most likely!)

Here's to winning tonight: (insert drink that I am toasting). CHEERS!


ScruffyRube said...

Toast you back! (With toast...I like breakfast food for a late night snack...)

newending said...

Your optimism paid off!! GREAT win over the those damn Yankees!

*insert The League comment here*