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Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Raining Twins

The first rain postponed game of the season took its toll on Friday night. I was a little bummed to be sitting at the stadium and hearing the announcement that it would be played at a later date. Sure, I would have had rain dripping on me from the overhang above the first level, but I didn’t care. I was ready to sit through any conditions Mother Nature could throw our way.

Saturday was quite possible (and probably) the Twins’ best game of the season. They showed they are capable of hitting the ball and scoring runs. It was good to finally see their bats come alive. I did start to get worried that they would use up all the hits they had in them Saturday and have nothing left in the tank on Sunday. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

All of the Twins players, minus Cuddyer, had at least one hit in Saturday’s matinee game. Several of them got on base with walks as well. Drew Butera is lucky that Phil Cuzzi wasn’t an umpire in the game. His hit (1 for 4) dropped in right where Joe Mauer’s hit dropped in the playoff game that was called foul. Danny Valencia was the sole Twins player with a home run in the game. I guess if you’re going to only go 1 for 4, I guess you gotta make it count! It was wonderful seeing Nathan come in (I joked how he really couldn’t screw up the huge lead the Twins had going into the 9th). He got two players to strike out and then the other out with a pop up. It was refreshing to see him pitch well and I really hope that builds up his confidence for future outings.

Baker and Blackburn warming up on Sunday
 Thankfully on Sunday, the weather was a lot warmer than the previous two days. I even managed to get a little sun burn. I didn’t mind it however. I would prefer to sit in the hot sun and get a little sun burn than be freezing (like on Saturday) where a blanket and jacket didn’t keep me warm enough in the shade. The game had me nervous in parts of it. Sure we took the lead initially, but it didn’t last too long when Cleveland took a one run lead in the 4th.

I was sitting close enough to the almost home run to be able to tell that the ball hit off of the corner of the limestone and shouldn’t have been a home run. I was happy to see the call be reviewed and then later over turned and ruled a double instead. It helped keep the Twins in the game and probably helped keep morale up as well. I also was close enough to see Jim Thome almost smash two balls out of the park. It was crazy how well they carried and then just died right before they would’ve gone out. His first hit was a super long single. It was good to see Thome realize that his second hit wasn’t going out of the park and turn that hit into a double.
Happy Easter from Target Field

I had fun with taking pictures at the park over the three (well almost three) games. I got a little creative (as you can see with the pictures in this entry) with them, but also took some regular pictures. Make sure to follow me on Twitter to see my instagram pics I upload during games. (or follow me on Instagram too at Bitzy59).

Tomorrow marks my (technically) 9th game, 8 that they played. I’m hoping the rain stays away and allows us to get the game in. I really don’t want to have to worry about two make up games, one is enough.

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