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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No, I Will Not Make Out With You!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Gault
There seems to be a lot of illness (flu mainly) going around the clubhouse.  First, Mr. Birthday Man himself, Joe Mauer, then his BFF Justin  Morneau and now the latest? Delmon Young.  They all need to stop making out with each other (or something) and get healthy already!  I don't like key guys like them out of the line up.  It has been good to see the B-Squad (sometimes even C-Squad) line up kick some ass and take names like they have been doing the past couple games.  I just hope it's something that continues.

The Twins have finally put together a winning streak, and will hopefully continue that streak tonight against Baltimore again.  It's been tough this season to be a fan.  Sure there have been years like this in their past, but for some reason, it feels tougher to deal with this year.  Maybe it's the great season they had last year and how much I wanted to see a repeat (well minus the playoffs) year.  I am not counting the Twins out by any means.  I know it can be done.

Special shout out today since it is Joe Mauer's birthday!  Man Muscles (side note, make sure to click on Man Muscles. Babes Love Baseball did a rocking interview with the birthday boy catcher!) turned the big 28 today!  Happy Birthday, Joe!  I even baked you a cake cupcakes for you.  I hope Scott Baker delivered them to you.

Maybe this would be a more appropriate birthday cake however...
Sick M&M cake
I was so excited to see Drew Butera have a huge night at the plate last night.  He drove in a couple runs and had a couple key hits.  For all the negative talk about him, it's nice to see him show that he can hit the ball and drive in runners.  I'm sure he'll get better.  It takes practice and that's what he surely is going to get with Joe Mauer on the DL right now.  Be sure also to check out a great shirt my buddy is thinking of making for Drew.

For those Drew fans: you can meet him at Fan HQ this coming Saturday (Ridgedale Mall) from 6:00-7:15!  Autographs are free! Stop by and say hi!

Speaking of the upcoming weekend, the Twins will be back in town (and I'll be at the weekend series) against Cleveland.  More to come after this current series vs. Baltimore.  I'm keeping the faith in the team that they'll start to show signs of life in their bats (and the relief pitching).  It can't hurt, right?


Scruffy Rube said...

I'm sure that the guys don't make out...just a little platonic cuddling while watching Flava or Rock of Love.


Betsy said...

Maybe they're sharing glasses then? They need to stop being sick.

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