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Friday, April 15, 2011

Stating the Obvious

It's been tough to watch the Twins lately, to say the least.  They aren't winning series, they are splitting or losing series.  It's starting to feel like we're cheering for a team like the Orioles (last year).  I'm tired of it.  I still love my team, but I would really like to start watching the win.

The Royals series was a fun, short series, but one we should have won.  Tuesday night was a great game.  Our bats came alive and we actually were able to piece together some hits and runs.  It was nice to finally see the bats come alive (it's still not happening every game).  Even on Wednesday, I thought we'd have a chance.  Heck, we managed to score first and score in the first inning.  That was the first time we have done that all season.  The woes came from our starting pitcher, when Liriano had his 4th inning meltdown and let the Royals take the lead.  It didn't stop there.  The Twins put up a good rally, but our bullpen failed to keep us within distance in the game.
I've decided enough is enough.  The Twins (even though they are now minus Joe Mauer due to a viral infection) need to step up and start playing like the great team they were last season.  Being a team that is second from the bottom in the worst record category, something has gotta change.

Tuesday night had another highlight.  I found out my coworker was going to the game as well, and that he was going to be  "that guy" who proposes to his girlfriend up on the big screen during the kiss cam.  I think it's funny that I knew someone up on that.  I however have never been a fan of that.  It's very unoriginal and really, why do you want 38,000 other people staring at you while you pop the question (or have to answer the question).  To each their own, but it's really not for me!

She did say 'yes'.

Justin and Liriano are auditioning for Dancing With the Stars.
 So far, this road trip to Tampa has been quite honestly, depressing.  It's been tough to watch the games.  I was very happy with how Carl Pavano pitched and thought we actually were going to win Thursday night's game.  We were up 2-0 with our closer, Joe Nathan coming into the game.  Sadly, he allowed 2 runs to the Rays and it was a tie game.  The Twins even mustered up another run to take the lead in the 10th.  Matt Capps came in this time and instead of the Rays tying the game...he let Jhonny Damon hit a 2-run home run that allowed the Rays to win.  It was depressing and I feel bad for Carl.  He deserved the win.

On a happier note, Drew Butera (for those who are fans) is going to be signing FREE autographs at Fan HQ in Ridgedale Mall on Saturday April 23rd from 6-7:15pm.  ALSO, the first Baseball Unplugged of the year is going to be on Easter Sunday featuring Joe Nathan, Brian Duensing and of course Michael Cuddyer. (April 24th from 6-7:30pm at Hubert's Downtown).  Hope to see some of you at one of these different events!  I'll keep everyone posted about different signings as I hear about them.

Here's to the Twins winning tomorrow against the Rays.  It's time to get back in the positive mood and be hopeful they can actually win this!

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Rebecca said...

I LOVE proposals at the game and get so excited watching them! I always joke to my husband that next time I get engaged it will be at the ballgame...