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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Storm of Emotions

The sky after the hail storm had passed over Target Field
It's been a tough spring for Minnesota sports fans.  Heck, it's been a tough year.  There's been several times this Twins season, that I've been asked if I'm still a fan.  To answer that: Yes, I am always a fan of the Twins. Win or lose.  Sure, I like everyone else, enjoy watching them win more than I like watching them lose.  All in all, I love baseball and will watch the Twins even when it's hard (like it currently has been) and when they are doing great.

Tuesday's game was actually fun to be at.  Sure, it was super sticky hot and there was a rain/hail delay that caused the game to go until about 11:30. (63 minute delay).  I think I found the game to be fun because I was under the shelter of an overhang on the lower level.  I got to watch people run from their seats and some people stay in their seats even through the golf ball size hail storm.  I had heard after the delay that sirens were going off around Target Field for tornado warnings.  Where I was sitting, I was not able to hear them.  I don't know what the Twins would have done had their been a tornado that was threatening the area.  Where do you take shelter at Target Field?!

I am truly honored to have been able to meet Harmon at Twinsfest a few years ago.
Yesterday was another tough day for Minnesota sports.  Harmon Killebrew released a statement saying that he was entering hospice care and he is losing his battle with cancer.  He's going to be someone who is truly missed when he leaves this life.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family and him during his final days.

Flowers at the foot of the Killebrew statue at Target Field
Another tough pill to swallow in sports, was Derek Boogaard (NHL player).  He was 28 years old and his two brothers found him dead  in his Minneapolis apartment.  Boogaard was currently a New York Ranger, but he played several seasons with the Minnesota Wild.  I got the chance to meet him a couple times during his time here.  Once at a signing and then he also came into the bar I used to work at a few times.  Always seemed like a nice guy.  It's hard to lose anyone, but someone so young makes it a little harder to swallow.

The best thing that was said yesterday in reference to Harmon Killebrew news was from my friend Ben (Bennyc50 on Twitter or of That's Twins Baseball blog.)  "News about Killebrew should remind us how insignificant the bad start to the Twins season is. It's just baseball.
It's been hard to write good things about the Twins lately and I've struggled to find things to write about.  I will keep plugging away however and try to bring you recaps of the games/series, win or lose.  I do have some pictures for everyone to enjoy from my fabulous seats last night. (Section 3, row 3, seat 3...seemed to fitting.)
Carl and Drew coming from the bullpen
Justin, you should be looking toward the ball...not the umpire.



throw over to first

too bad this running wasn't on a home run or a single even.


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