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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Casino, Majors, Beautiful Baseball

I've had no excuse lately for not writing other than I've been incredibly busy this month.  I know that's not the best excuse with all the great events I've been to lately, for not writing, but that's been the case.  This month alone has included: Justin Morneau's Casino Night, Hanging With The Majors at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar, Danny Valencia signing at Fan HQ and a bunch of Twins games.

Casino night was an incredible night.  I worked at the event as a greeter.  Once everyone was in the door, I was free to roam around, which I used that time to go around and get pictures with various Twins players.  It was tons of fun to be able to see the players all dressed up (and all looking good!).

The players were all having fun, bidding on silent auction items and playing cards.  It was definitely a good night to catch them for picutres with them.  On my list for that night were: Revere, Tosoni (whom I was the only one working the doors that recognized him when him and his wife walked up), Luke Hughes, and Rivera. If you ever get a chance to go to this event, you should.  I was a fabulous night and one I hope to attend in years to come (whether I'm working or not.)

Myself and Denard Span.  I was with a couple guy friends of mine...and Denard told me "I'd much rather take a picture with you than those two." Made me happy.
The host of the evening (Justin Morneau) and myself
Luke Hughes
Ben Revere (who looks rather short even though I have heels on)
Drew Butera and myself with Luke Hughes creeping in the background.
 Hanging with the Majors night wasn't quite as fun as it was last year. Last year it was at Majors and this year it was at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar. While it was a great location for the even, things just didn't seem as organized as they were last year. The dinner started late and it was so much more strick with autographs and pictures and donations. I'm fine with donating to a great cause, but they tried requiring you to donate $10 per picture with any player. I opted to buy beer and tip from there. The players didn't act like they saw a point in the $10/picture either. They were more than willing to take pictures with any of the fans. I think the staff that organized the event would have been better off charging a cover charge at the door (like $5 per person or even $10 per person) and then making pictures free with autographs costing $5. I didn't opt for any autographs, but I'm a person who prefers pictures anyway.


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