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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Majors, etc Part 2...

So Blogger decided to be fun with my blog post and didn't post the completed post.

Here's the rest.

Some of the highlights (Hanging With Majors): I called Drew Butera a porn star and asked what movie I should rent to see him in it. If you're wondering why would someone call someone else that, then you obviously haven't seen his hideous mustache that he has going right now. See below. He's a good sport when I tease him. He teases me back, which I'm fine with. I enjoy it actually. Luke Hughes remembered me from Sunday night and gave me a "Australian" hug (Repko told me if I bought my beer from Hughes, I got a Australian hug along with the beer. Luke Hughes didn't know what an Australian hug was, but I told him I'd settle for a regular hug.)

Hughes and Repko




Over the weekend, I attended the whole series against the Padres. What a great weekend (even with the rain on Saturday). I had great seats all three games and took a ton of pictures. (Some of which are below at the end of the post).

Saturday morning, I was at Fan HQ for the Danny Valencia. I like the kid (I call everyone a kid, regardless if they are my age or younger). He's a very sarcastic person and super nice. Plus, he's got a great smile and he's easy on the eyes. He seemed like he had a good time as the nearly 200 people came through the line. He decided, after prompted from a coworker of mine, to ask personal questions about my Sunday night at Casino Night. I'm not sharing details or even the story on here, but I'll just say that Danny Valencia knows way too much about my personal life.

Lately, the Twins have been on quite a tear! It's been great to see this winning streak they are on. The game last night astounded me (and I'm sure some others). I'm not going to lie. I was worried when the start of this road trip was against the defending World Series champs would be tough for them. The team really showed that they have gotten past a lot of their early season difficulties. I hope this streak continues and the Twins continue to dominate.

This weekend, I'll be in Milwaukee at Saturday's game and likely Sunday's as well. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of Miller Park and of the Twins game. I'll be decked out in Twins gear and likely be one of those obnoxious Twins fans (mainly because I'll be going to the games with Brewers fans). I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and this winning streak. I'll try to keep up on this more often than this month has allowed.

And lastly...DREW GETTING Shaving Cream in the face!

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