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Monday, September 19, 2011

Betsy, It's Your Pitch

I know, it's been quite some time since this blog has seen the light of day from me.  It's not that I've tried neglecting it, it's just been a really hard season to write about the Twins.  Don't get me wrong, I still love the team just as much as I did from the start, but it'd be nice if they could win a few games! Am I right, or what?
At this point in the season, I think all of us are hoping that the Astros pull their stuff together and find a way to have a better record than the Twins so that we at least come away with something from this horrible season (aka higher/possible number one draft pick). Otherwise, we should end up somewhere close to the top for draft picks regardless.

This past Friday was probably my last game I'll be going to this season, but it was an incredible game! Did the Twins win? No.  They lost 7-6 because of a Jim Thome (now Cleveland Indian) home run.  I actually was fortunate enough to be able to throw out a first pitch before the game.  How did I get to do this? Well some of my readers probably already know since they are also on Twitter and likely follow the Twins, but for those who are not, the Twins tweeted "The first person to show this tweet to the Captain gets to throw out a first pitch 20 minutes from now. #TFans".  My friend and I were on the first level by the left field bleacher seats so we weren't far away. We booked it upstairs and low and behold, I was the first person to show the tweet to them.
 It was incredible.  I probably could've been happy just going onto the field.  That alone was so cool.  I was so nervous before it was my turn to throw out the pitch.  I had a hard time even keeping the ball in my hands (which Jessica can probably attest to).  It turned out good though.  I stood just in front of the pitching mound and got the ball to T.C. Bear (who was my catcher) without him having to move at all.  I was quite proud of myself, since I'm not good about throwing the ball long distances (just ask my teammates from softball last year!)

I am still on cloud nine from the whole experience.  I also realize that it'll probably never happen to me again, but for that one night, I was happy to be where I was even if the Twins did lose.

Saturday night, me and some other twitter friends all headed to Bloomington and went to Baseball Unplugged.  Michael Cuddyer was not there to host the event, but Trevor Plouffe, Rene Tosoni and Anthony Swarzak were there.  It was a fun night.  We tried to get the 3 rookies to tell us all who Gumby was (for the rookie hazing); I asked what songs they used as their at bat music (mainly just to hear Rene Tosoni admit his at bat music is called "I Love My Sex").  Trevor Plouffe was a kick that night.  He gave my friend a high five as he walked past her and had a lesson from me in how to say my last name right.  I also found out that Anthony Swarzak saw me throw out my first pitch when Rene Rivera pointed me out to him (supposedly Rene told him that we're friends on Twitter).

If I could repeat this past weekend (Friday night and Saturday), I would.
For those who are wondering, I haven't forgotten about giving away the Delmon Young signed photo.  I still will do that.  So be sure to like my facebook page for this blog.  There'll be another autographed item I'll be giving away and potential for a third player later on.

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dodgerbobble said...

What an awesome experience! I'm heading to the FB page now.

margo said...

Very cool! But you neglected to elaborate on a very intriguing photo, the one of Mr. Pohlad and Mr. Thome. Did you overhear any part of that conversation?

Brendan said...

great blog! I think I remember seeing you throw out the first pitch!