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Monday, February 27, 2012

52nd Annual Twins Hunger Games

A little bit of ridiculous fun this season.

So in light of the Hunger Games coming out in March and needing something fun to possibly get me thru this season, I decided to do my own Twins Hunger Games.  Everyone who arrived at Spring Training (for the Twins) will be competing until there is only one person remaining in the end. This person will be our victor! (For those who haven't read at least the first book, I encourage you to do so, first...but second, I will try to not spoil anything from the books.)

Let's start off with the rules (or how people "die" in the Hunger Games).
1. They don't make the roster our of Spring Training. This will eliminate a lot, I know, but that's the point. (Any players)
2. DL bound (regardless if it's for a short period of time or the rest of the season). (Any players)
3. Pitchers who lose a game. (However if they accumulate no earned runs or if they pitch the complete game in the loss, they survive to see another day.) (Starting and relief pitchers)
4. 0-4 day at the plate. (Yes, I understand a player may not have 4 plate appearances and sometimes they may have more.) (Position players only)

Others possibly to be determined.

So let the 52nd Annual Twins Hunger Games begin!
modified logo of the Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins
May the odds be ever in your favor, Twins players.

At the reaping day, it was announced that the entire Minnesota Twins team was selected to compete in the 52nd Annual Hunger Games.  67 Players will fight to the death until only one victor remains, who will then be the winner of the 52nd Annual Hunger Games.

Some of the position players came to the games with quite a bit of confidence having prepared for this day in their training. Time will only tell if their hard work will pay off in the games.

The first blast sounded Sunday night signifying that our first victim had been eliminated.  Joel Zumaya's face appeared in the sky for the rest of the players to see.
photo courtesy of Twinscities.com
 Zumaya (DL bound) didn't stand a chance from the start. His injury history left him as an easy target for the other players to take out early.  Will there be other players that see a similar fate so soon?  Only time will tell.

To be continued...

I encourage all of you to check out the awesome books: The Hunger Games and the movie coming out in March.


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