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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Golden Cornucopia of Twins Hunger Games

photo Via Geek Girl.

Earlier this month, there seemed to still be some players gathered at the Cornucopia, which resulted in a blood bath of players fighting over the spots on the major league roster.  Teammates went after each other and left the tracker jacker stings (hybrid wasps) to finish off Joe Benson.  Some of the first players to go were: Dumatrait, Lehmann, Chang, Carson, Deduno and Doyle…the hovercraft seemed to escort Doyle out of the arena before he could take his final breath.

The roster of 45 players was slashed down to 34 remaining.  Wise, Benson, Manship and Rivera were a little harder of competition to take down for the rest.  They fought up until the death.  Rivera thought he would be cleaver with the tracker jacker nest.  Sure he didn't get stung, but as soon as his feet hit the ground, Jeff Manship took a baseball to him, leaving him in the dirt.  

Before Spring Training is over, this means there are still nine more players that will get the ax leaving it to 25 players to duke it out for the title of Victor in the Twins Hunger Games.

The cannons sounded and the faces illuminated the sky.

Phil Dumatrait
Danny Lehmann
Ray Chang
Matt Carson 
Sam Deduno
Terry Doyle
Brendan Wise
Joe Benson
Jeff Manship
Rene Rivera
Pedro Florimon

34 remain.  Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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