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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who Will You Support? (Twins Hunger Games)

Have you picked who you will be cheering on in the Twins Hunger Games yet?  (Leave your comments below with your picks! Winner may get an autographed item at the end of the competition!)  I've decided to have Glen Perkins as who I think will be victorious.  I think he has the durability and he showed us last year what he's really capable of.

So, I've had some people ask for more clarification of the rules, so I figured I'd lay them out as best as I could as the first round of cuts/9 people were eliminated.
First the rules: 

1.       You must make the roster out of Spring Training, anyone who doesn’t, is eliminated. Any call ups or added roster players, will not be in the competition.

2.       As a position player, an 0-4 (4 plate appearances) day at the plate will get you eliminated. You are safe if you have 5 plate appearances however, or if you have 0-3 (in 4 PA’s) with a sac-fly/bunt.

3.       As a pitcher, losing the game will lose your right to continue (this includes relief pitchers).  If however, you pitch a complete game, or you have no earned runs in the loss, you are still in the competition. Relief pitchers only have no earned runs as their saving grace.

4.       If any player is DL bound (regardless of the severity), they will be eliminated. Day-to-day is still in the competition.

5.       During inter-league games, pitchers at-bats will not count toward the competition.

Now, onto the sad part of the day.  One never likes seeing people eliminated, but we all knew it was bound to happen.  These 9 fought admirably, but have succumb to death in the Hunger Games.  One of the people I had higher hopes for also was eliminated today (one of my current favorite players), so I was a bit sad.  
Nine cannons sounded as their faces graced the sky for the rest of the remaining competitors watched.

Deolis Guerra
Lester Oliveros
Scott Diamond
Darin Mastroianni
Oswaldo Arcia
Aaron Thompson
Steve Pearce
Danny Rams
Tyler Robertson
More people will be eliminated as Spring Training progresses into the coming of the regular season!  Only 21 days until the season starts!
Make sure to pick your Twins player you will support thru the Twins Hunger Games this season!
May the odds be ever in your favor.

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