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Thursday, April 26, 2012

May the Odds Be EVER in Your Favor (Twins Hunger Games-6 Players Remain)

It's always tough to see one of the players get eliminated, but some confusion arose as Luke Hughes was taken by a flying hovercraft, that Oakland got functioning, and was carried away to the other team.  No cannon sounded for him however, but it brought the total of players down to 11.

Sneaky little Alexia Casilla has been jumping from tree to tree and taking out his competition.  He found Trevor Plouffe asleep in one of the trees and cut him loose setting him down to his death.  Chris Parmelee had the same fate, but he a baseball was wildly pitched at him from Matt Capps sending him to his doom, before Capps met his similar fate.  Poor Liam Hendricks was fighting so hard!  He really showed the Capital that he deserved a much better score than they had given him.  He made it down within the final 10, and came mighty close to being in the top 5.

The cannons sounded and showed the faces of the fallen in the sky.
Trevor Plouffe
Liam Hendricks
Matt Capps
Chris Parmelee
Six players remain in the Twins Hunger Games.  Who will win this ultimate fight to the death?  Make sure you support your favorite as we narrow it down to our ultimate victor.

Players still remaining: 

Happy Twins Hunger Games and may the odds be EVER in your favor.


MNWildGirl said...

Willingham all the way baby!! lol

Betsy said...

MNWildGirl - :-)

sequence kid said...

Willingham is going far you mark my word!

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